Two in a row!

Completely unprecedented for me but here's an excerpt I've been itching to share...and why put off till tomorrow what one can do today (unless it's a revise and resubmit that should have been sent back to a journal!)?!

From Foucault's "Power/Knowledge", page 62:
" The intellectual no longer has to play the role of an advisor. The project, tactics and goals to be adopted are a matter for those who do the fighting. What the intellectual can do is to provide instruments of analysis, and at present this is the historian's essential role. What's effectively needed is a ramified, penetrative perception of the present, one that makes it possible to locate lines of weakness, strong points, positions where the instances of power have secured and implanted themselves...In other words, a topological and geological survey of the battlefield - that is the intellectual's role. But as for saying, 'Here is what you must do!', certainly not."

And that's why I do what I do as well as how I do it :-) Till next time...


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