Resolution for spring....

A month has passed and of course I haven't stuck to the promise I made myself of trying to post on my blog at least once a week. So here's the resolution for spring 2005: Instead of setting up unrealistic goals for myself I'm going to embrace the fact that I, as a person who is both a perfectionist and very monochronic, can only juggle so many balls at one time. So rather than figure out a way to juggle them all I'm just going to play with each one when I can. So in a roundabout way the resolution for spring, more broadly stated, is that I'm going to enjoy the journey that is life rather than stress about reaching the destination....something I realize I haven't done for the last 5 years and feel it's about time I did.

So a message for all who wander by my blog - I won't promise new posts at a certain frequency but do stop by whenever you can. (I almost said that I probably will be posting more often now that I know I don't "have" to but if I say that I'm sure I'll be falling back into the old, vicious cycle so I'll take it right back).

Now it's time to go outside and enjoy the warm sunshine and gentle breeze....happy spring everyone (unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere I guess).