What's in a name you ask?

I discovered today that there is an another person in North America with the e-x-a-c-t same name as mine. Not only does she have the same first name and last name as I do but she spells her last name exactly the s-a-m-e way I do. Now of course my name isn't copyrighted or anything but I seem to have gone through my entire life thus far without meeting someone with the exact same first and last name as mine. And I don't know anyone personally with the same last name as mine who spells their last name the same way that I do. Go figure!

So now I'm totally curious about this person but have yet to google her. Just wondering though if there are any other overlaps between us. Do we share the same birthday? Is she also getting a PhD? Does she try to have the flowers on her bed-linens facing the head of the bed? Is she also doing laundry this minute?

Speaking of which, the dryer beckons and the cake in the oven that I'm baking for my parents 30th wedding anniversary needs checking. Cake first!


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