Dissertation Cravings!

"They" (and no I don't know anything about all of them) tell me writing a dissertation is like having a baby. In that case, color me pregnant and craving.

Assembling instructions - can't really call this a recipe - for my latest (and, according to my mother, somewhat gross and unpalatable) indulgence: a bowl of sweet-salty (add sugar and salt to taste) yoghurt diluted with some water, add yummy Terra veggie chips, and sprinkle chat masala (you can get this at any Pakistani or Indian grocery store or halal meat shop if you live in the US, Canada, or UK).

I call this magic food because every time I eat it I've felt inspired enough to write - or is it that I felt inspired independently of the snack and just happened to be pigging out on it at the time...either way...I don't care if I'm fooling myself into thinking it works so long as long something is working and I have green-points that are dissertation-chapter-worthy. Had three bowls throughout the day yesterday and wrote and thought a storm....

To the kitchen and then back to the laptop!