Dissertating, and so the hiatus continues....

I've been a bad blogospherist/blogospherian (who says only Heidegger is allowed to make up words?) for over a month now....been MIA from this blog and have barely frequented those I read regularly.

Extended forecast for Genealogy Spice's musings in blogistan: The 'dry spell', as it were, will persist for a little longer as I try to finish dissertation chapters 1 and 2 and get them to my chair (note to chair: the policing seems to have worked :-)!) by the first week of September. Thanks for your e-mails and/or comments on other posts and in response to my comments on your blogs....unfinished blog-posts and responses are clamoring for attention from my computer screen but between the blogosphere and my mailbox I seem to exhaust most of my enthusiasm for writing hence the hiatus from the virtual world for a few more weeks while I try to accomplish something substantive on the dissertation front....I'll be back!

ETA for resurfacing in the virtual world and the blogosphere: early-mid September 2005.