Calculating away....

I guess the Visa ads continue to stay in my head...so extending the formula to today's events:

1. Money paid to reserve a room for myself at one of the university librarys nearby because I'm sick of working out of my regular space: $25.00
2. Money spent on overpriced gourmet cups of coffee to keep myself awake in the wake of post-Thanksgiving fatigue: $18.00 [and you may not consider this admission to be your opportunity to point out that I, at least for today, was suffering from some kind of bizarre caffeine addiction].
3. Absolutely awesome articulation of one of my ideas that resulted 7 hours and 4 coffees later...let's all say it out loud: PRICELESS :-)!

I could - and maybe should - have blogged about the idea instead but that would have taken time away from working it into the chapter I was working on and I'd really like to get that done first.

Stay tuned! Tons of stuff brewing...will return to some substantive posting in a couple of weeks!


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