Okay I've been through what seems like a million dissertations and I have yet to find a substantial number that exceeds 6 chapters. Mine totals 8 once I'm done with it all. Yikes?

I spent the morning re-working chapter 2 - for some reason, I'm still glacially slow at this. Even then, if it's not done by my April 16 deadline it's going to be done by April 23 even if it means forsaking some sleep here and there. Yikes again? Okay let's be realistic - I'll probably end up sacrificing my gym or workout outdoors time but not so much the zzz's...I'm too much of a cranky bitch not to mention a lazy bum without the latter so it really doesn't save me any time in the not-so-long-run.

Now I'm going to sit down and write out a map (narrative style of course) of my dissertation including dates by which I need to finish a first draft, perfect (!) or otherwise, by - the final chapter count will depend on three things:
1. If what I have for the chapters based on my primary research is enough to write a solid chapter.
2. Whether all of the empirical chapters I've envisioned are "necessary" to make the argument and write a solid dissertation - presuming of course that #1 above has been met. If not then I'm saving it for the book and moving on for now....I need to stop being ABD.
3. What my chair thinks of this narrative map - I'm deferring to him for the final decision since I trust his judgment completely.

Will this thing stay at the motherload that is 8 chapters - yikes! - or am I going to scale it back a bit? Stay tuned.....


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