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I rediscovered this citation in one of my earlier prospectus drafts as I was doing a little laptop spring-cleaning. Caught my attention and so I thought I'd post it and see if any of you bite...yup this is a cop-out from a "real" (read: substantive) post for now but I'll get back to it soon....

Foucault, "Questions on Geography" in Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews & Other Writings 1972-1977, (66).

"I hesitate to reply only by means of factual arguments, but I think that there again is a will to essentiality which one should mistrust, which consists in saying, 'If you don't talk about something it must be because you are impeded by some major obstacle which we shall proceed to uncover'. One can perfectly well not talk about something because one doesn't know about it, not because one has a knowledge which is unconscious and therefore inaccessible...."


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