Seven Days, Six Nights: August 8-14

I thought I'd put this out there so that I can't back out of any of this stuff, specifically submitting the chapter I'm working on currently to my chair and the writing group of which I am a part.

Submission Deadline for chapter: August 10, actually August 9 but I might (might) need the extra day.
Friday, August 11: Start working on the syllabus for the class I'll be teaching in the fall. Catch up on other logistical stuff that I've let slide. Read to prep for the next chapter
Saturday, August 12: Continue working on the syllabus + review reading notes relevant to the chapter I've started working on. An evening event I committed to eons ago that I don't think I can get out of....even though I would strongly prefer to do anything else other than be surrounded by family friends with narrow minds (ouch!) who will either ask me why I'm "still not married?" or avoid the question altogether and simply make a viciously worded statement along lines that imply I'm a man-hating feminist who is opposed to the idea of marriage. Of course there will be one other woman, besides me, whom I know who is also single. However, the fact that she isn't pursuing a Ph.D., has had two broken engagements, and is making money rather than student-ing usually exempts her from all of this. (I probably forgot to mention that this is an event at this family friends' house that happens every year so it's kind of expected that we show up). I don't know if the whole "marriage" discussion is worse than the "well why don't you solve The Problem?" referring to The Problem (although I like to call it a puzzle) which my dissertation is about or its cousin "shouldn't you be a diplomat or journalist by now?".
Sunday, August 13: Reward self for surviving "The Event" and submitting chapter by going to the movies. There is a new Bollywood movie out that I h-a-v-e to watch. Nopes I don't think it could qualify for inclusion in the dissertation but it is sheer indulgence on my part to please the "pop culture addict" and the "girly-girl" in me who wouldn't mind meeting "Mr. Good-Enough-Is-Perfect" sometime soon and has been foregoing a much-needed haircut to continue working on her dissertation.
Monday, August 14: Work resumes again; going to try out the new schedule (see previous post) that combines regular reading + note-taking in the AM with writing in the PM as I officially begin writing the next chapter.


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