Adieu O Pencil Ticker!

Like I said to another colleague earlier this week, looking at that ticker on my blog was making me fairly apprehensive about coming round my own e-environs. I seriously thought it would disappear on its own after we reached the 00:00:00 point. That I didn't reach the finish line right then and that the ticker kept running to tell me how many days it had been since X was due was really bringing me down.

So it's gone.

Nopes the chapter didn't get done; but in its place I've been working on revisions since I got some great feedback from my chair on the first two chapters. They seem to be shaping up surely even if slowly.

Thought I'd share the little update. Now back to regularly scheduled programming aka Grading and then a break...after all I need to take at least a day off to recharge my batteries.

And yes I'll be posting more regularly now that the Intimidating Pencil isn't freaking me out!


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